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General news

As of 2024, we are now entering phase 2 with development as the main goal of Foxrift. For that occasion we’ve equipped ourselved with brand new stuff !


We’ll start working on four new projects :

  • Shinto
  • Honey
  • Coconut
  • Fusilli

These names are placeholders until released.

We’ll also start creating YouTube and TikTok content!

Shinto, priority 0

Shinto will be an educational game for japanese learners. It won’t stand alone for learning but will add a new dimension to learn japanese. It targets iOS and Android devices. Free app with in-app purchase and ads.

Though the core is finished, the monetization and design need to be improved.
Release : Q1-Q2

Honey, priority 1

Honey is a game around bees developped using Unity and targetting iOS and Android devices.
It will be a free game, with in-app purchases and ads.

Honey has a first working version but it needs to be improved. It lacks addiction and renewal. Release : Q2-Q3

Coconut, priority 2

Coconut is a VR sport game targetted for Meta Quest 2/3. We want it it be efficient, addictive, interactive and funny.

Coconut will be a game for the Meta Store, and will be available on Steam probably in 2025. Release : Q4

Fusilli, priority 3

Fusilli is on a very different level. It aims to be an international platform.
It implies :

  • Apps
  • Website
  • Backends
  • Specific privacy policy, terms of service, support, security, scalability, etc

The business model won’t be disclosed prior to release.
Release : 2025

Beta testers

If you are interested in beta testing any project of Foxrift, feel free to contact us. Should you be selected, and agree with the NDA, you will be granted early access. Beta testing is benevolent unless said otherwise.