Foxrift is a french company created in 2023 and located in Paris.


  • Software edition
  • Video game edition
  • Software development including websites, platforms, mobile applications
  • IT project management / MITM

Working with us

Foxrift works on internal projects, but also external projects.

In the case of external projects, Foxrift can :

  • Manage and/or develop an IT project internally
  • Delegate the management and/or the development to subcontractors
  • Act both as a contractor and a subcontractor manager thus sharing the management/develoment of a project with subcontractors

Foxrift has its own subcontractors capable of answering most IT projects requirements for an all-in-one package. We can also work with external, customer chosen entities.

Why work with us ?

It would be irrealistic to say that all projects should be handled the same way. Or that perfection is always achievable.

Whether your main constraint is time, quality, quantity or expertise, we strive to provide the optimal solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even for proof of concepts, prototypes, very small projects, or simply advice ! 👋


🌴 Founder/CEO 🥥